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Autonomic Response Testing (ART)


Autonomic Response Testing, is a technique based on the bio-electrical reflexes of the body that  correspond brain signaling, nutritional deficiencies, organs, and metabolic processes. When an organ is imbalanced, there is either increased or decreased electrical activity around that reflex. The practitioner can pick up that signal through a simple muscle testing procedure. In many cases, a reflex will point to a problem that is sub-clinical or simply went undetected by traditional medical forms of testing.

Applied Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing natural therapies in the world. Practiced in over 100 countries, many believe it is the most effective stand-alone technology of the future in alternative medicine. Kinesiology is used to detect and release blockages in the energy pathways of the body. These blockages can be caused by physical, emotional, biochemical or electromagnetic stressors. Through rebalancing its energies, the body's innate healing ability is restored, thereby improving health, enhancing performance, reducing stress and enabling us to achieve our highest potentials.







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Individualized Nutrition Counseling


The body tends to heal on its own provided it receives the right nutritional support to its vital organs.  Even though you may be consuming various nutritious foods, you may not be digesting, absorbing or assimilating the nutrients from what you are eating. Appropriate nutrients are essential for the normal function of each and every organ in the body. In the absence of the right nutritional elements, the body will substitute available elements, often resulting in poor or abnormal body functions.  Prolonged nutritional deficiencies and nutritional substitution will leave the body's organs and tissues under constant stress, giving rise to various health disorders.

When nutritional deficiencies are corrected and when the body is supplied with sufficient nutrients, most health problems can be reversed. People do not digest, or assimilate nutrients for various reasons: allergies, sensitivities, organ imbalances, drug toxicity, heavy metal toxicity and indigestion are some of the causes.

What Does Clinical Nutrition Mean?

Clinical nutrition is the process of determining the appropriate selection of foods to enjoy and avoid according to bio-individual and constitutional indications. Guidelines on water intake, salt consumption, and recommendation of vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies and other natural supplements that will help repair damaged or fatigued organ systems are given. This helps prepare your body to better utilize the nutrients that you consume. Dr. Price chooses supplements based on lab testing, health surveys, history, and Applied kinesiology testing in the office.

Dr. Price utilizes Autonomic Response Testing (Applied Kinesiology) to uncover food allergies and energy imbalances that may lead to illness. ART is completely natural, painless and non-invasive. ART can be used on anyone, from new-born infants to the elderly, and even pets, to effectively identify organ imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies and many other health problems. ART can also be used on healthy individuals with hidden allergies or energy imbalances that could cause illness in the future.

Nutritional therapies can effectively support a wide range of health concerns such as:

Thyroid Imbalances
Skin / Hair Problems
Blood Sugar Imbalances
Hormonal Imbalances
Adrenal Gland Imbalances
Stress / Emotional Balance
Weight Problems
Depression / Anxiety
PMS / Women's Health Issues
Pregnancy Related Issues
Prenatal Nutrition
Chronic Pain


Menopausal Symptoms
Sexual Dysfunction
Chronic Fatigue

Food / Environmental  Allergies
Organ Imbalances
pH Imbalances (acid/alkaline)
Neurological Problems
Blood, Bowel, Tissue Toxicity
Immune Imbalances
Digestive Problems


By utilizing Chinese Medicine Techniques, Autonomic Response Testing (Applied Kinesiology), Hair Analysis, and food allergy/intolerance testing, Dr. Price can help you to gain a greater understanding of your constitutional make-up. Constitutional dietary modifications, nutritional and natural supplement therapies, homeopathic medicines, and vibrational therapies may be indicated to bring your body, mind, spirit into greater balance and harmony.


Individualized Nutrition Counseling

Professional Nutrition

Applied Kinesiology (ART)
Constitutional Assessment
Five Element Healing
Trace Mineral Analysis
Food Allergy Testing
Light and Sound Therapies

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