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Vibrational Medicine
or Energy Medicine, is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored.

From our skin to our core, we are made of light and light is the language by which our cells speak to one another. The  DNA within the center of the nucleus of each cell of the body has been shown to emit light. When this light reaches the crystalline structure of the cell wall, it is greatly amplified. The light radiated from the cell naturally congregates with like cells because they share the same frequency (color) of light. These groups of cells form organs and the other structures in our body, each resonating with a specific color.

Energy Medicine Center offers the latest in Vibrational Light and Sound therapies to help clients achieve greater health, balance and sense of well-being in their lives. Our goal is to help our clients to integrate body, mind and spirit by harmonizing and balancing internal or mental and emotional energy with external or physiological energy.

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Light and Sound Therapies

It is a fascinating and amazing fact of science that the human body is an electrical and vibrational matrix of subtle bio-electrical charges. Einstein tells us that energy literally creates matter and that energy and matter are interconvertible and transferable. Every living thing produces an electromagnetic field and vibrational frequency. In fact, the earth itself produces its own  electromagnetism by way of magnetic poles and vibrates at frequencies between 7.8 hertz (cycles per second) and 40 hertz. This frequency range is known as Schumann resonance. The body receives its energy from the earth’s electromagnetic poles and electrons from the sun simultaneously, producing a loop of energy that continually supplies the body with vital life force.

Equally amazing is that the human body has 12 major electrical pathways known as meridians. These pathways deliver life force energy from our spine through the nervous system to various cells and organs. Still more amazing is that there are 12 major colors in the visible light spectrum and 12 notes or perfect intervals in the musical scale, and that each of these light wave colors and sound waves correspond to the 12 major electrical pathways in the human body! Light and Sound can have profound healing effects on physical, mental, emotional and even on spiritual or consciousness levels. These facts have been known by ancient civilizations for many centuries. The Chinese and Ayurvedics, Mayans and other cultures knew of these principles and used them effectively to keep the body in harmony and free of dis-ease.

Dr. Joel Price has created a healing system he calls Acu-Vedic Light and Sound Therapy or ALST. His system innovatively utilizes the 12 colors of the visible light spectrum in concert with the 12 sound intervals of the musical scale at various octaves depending on what level of healing is required. Specific color and sound wavelengths are used to bring the body into a state of greater balance and harmony and to release blockages. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances can be effectively transcended with this powerful yet gentle vibrational light and sound therapy system.


Healing with Light and Sound


The energy room at Energy Medicine Center was created to help people re-balance their mind-body energies and re-awaken their intuitive-creative selves. In as little as 45 minutes, two to three times a week, without effort or self-conscious awareness, one can expect to see some amazing changes take place as they recharge and reinvigorate their mental and emotional energies with lasting results. Using state of the art light and sound technology, we are able to profoundly affect the brain-wave states and patterns of our clientele, thus enabling them to break through barriers which have prevented them from enjoying life to its fullest. Whether you need to relax, de-stress, be more creative, improve sleep, memory, learning abilities, visualization, meditation, be more energetic, we can provide a comprehensive program to suit every need, and make it a truly fascinating and enjoyable experience.

We also offer phototherapy, which is very effective in treating seasonal affective disorder. Unfortunately, many of us spend our working time under fluorescent lighting, which is known to cause eye-strain, headaches, fatigue, release of stress hormones, and decreased productivity. Full-spectrum light therapy has been shown to be dramatically effective in supporting fatigue, depression, diminished immune defenses (including the common cold), lymphoma, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, atherosclerosis, skin problems, stress, psycho-spiritual problems, jet lag, weight gain, and many other problems resulting in a deficiency of natural light. Many biologists, quantum physicists, and naturopathic physicians now agree that full-spectrum light is man’s most important nutrient, as everything on earth, everything we call life, comes from the sun.

New mind / body therapies with ancient roots… come and experience
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